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I am honored to be a featured guest on the What Matters Most TV Show. See it on my media page or on YouTube.

Please enjoy this coversation with myself, Candy Danzis, and Pat Caffrey and the Council of Light as we share Angelic Wisdom with our audience and with host Eric Anzalone. Since this show was produced, both Candy and Pat have joined the Angelic Realm full time. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to build friendships with Pat and with Candy and her husband, Brian. I am grateful to this show which allows me to relive that day and to again witness the Brilliance that Candy and Pat brought through.
The Producers of What Matters Most are dedicated to spotlighting Lightbearers so that many can witness some of the infinite good available in the world. Thank you to everyone who participated in this wonderful event-- audience members, production team (including producers Maria Plass and Vann Weller), Candy and Pat, and hosts Glenda Smith and Hannalore Godwin (also a Full-Time Angel) of Circle of Miracles. Thank you to Lucinda Weller for suggesting me as a guest. It was a kick to be interviewed by Eric Anzalone of the pop group, The Village People. He is a hoot! To learn more about Experience Nirvana, production company of What Matters Most, click here. 


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Archangel Gabrielle, My Soul Ascends
24x36 oil on canvas, ©2007 by Mary Note Law  

This painting came into form one rushed evening.  I had approximately 5 hours to paint the image that I held in my mind's eye-- a sunset in vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows, with deep grey clouds constrasting against the bright lights.  When this background was dried I would paint the quintessential Archangel Gabrielle in the foreground-- profiled in the sky, trumpeting the Glory of God. My older daughter promised to look after her baby sister until my husband returned to relieve her of duty. I began my meditative process, asking Archangel Gabrielle to support me in channeling the energies to transform this arrangement of paint and canvas into one which radiated sacred, healing energy. The clock was ticking as I found my colors-- an array of reds, yellows, and orange, which I laid out on the table in front of me. Suddenly, my daughter called down for assistance. I raced upstairs to take care of things, and returned to my makeshift studio in the basement. I turned to my color array, but, where were my paints? Gone! I looked all around. Not seeing them, I ran upstairs to search about. I spent 20 precious minutes in the hunt begfore I gave up, concluding that it would be better to work with an alternate color palette than to waste my limited time. So I dug out my blues-- a blue sky it would be. I decided to try a technique I had read about years ago, shared by Robert Lyn Neilson, describing his method of rendering fireworks lighting up the sky over the Statue of Liberty. His method was to blend the colors with a baby's cloth diaper rather than a paintbrush. Well, I had a baby, so why not? I chose a flannel receiving blanket. I began by painting the entire canvas white-- representing Divine Love, Christ Consciousness, Holy Spirit, and the entire color spectrum of Light, or Divine Presence and Potentiality. Then, using the bunched up baby blanket, into the white paint I dabbed and blended layers of color, so that each color, sacred in its own vibration, merged with the white as well. Visually, however, I was not certain that I liked what was developing. When Kathy Milano called at the perfect moment I expressed my frustration. Kathy replied, "ho'o'ponopono. Just say it." Ahh, the Forgiveness Prayer-- "I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you." The prayer became a melody in my head, and the bunched blanket moved gently along with the rhythm. Suddenly I realized that there, on the lower half of the horizontal canvas, was appearing an Angel's wing. Somehow it had formed itself out of the seemingly random twists of the blanket on the canvas. What had begun as a sky background was now also beginning to bring the subject-- Archangel Gabrielle-- into form. I kept going, singing to myself, working sideways now, watching and cocreating as Archangel Gabrielle emerged within the pattern of blue within blue. Intentionally channeling artwork was still new to me, and I was astonished as I both assisted and watched Gabrielle come into form. In three hours, the piece was complete! Or so I thought. As I reached for my paints to begin the cleanup, suddenly, the easel collapsed! Trying to avoid large handprints, I caught the painting with my knee! Uuuugh! It must be ruined! I was afraid to look, but when I did so, I was again suprised to see an area made softer by the landing on my pants-- not destroyed, just softened. The fall now seemed important to the completed piece, reminding me that nothing is random.

As I studied the image, I couldn't decide who it was. Was it Gabrielle, or was it my own soul, ascending? I sort of thought of it as a dual painting and left it at that, but chose Archangel Gabrielle as the formal title. As I pondered, I began again to clean up, giving thanks to Gabrielle and to all the energies of Love who supported me in this process. Suddenly, right in front of me, clear as day, I saw the tubes of reds, yellows, and orange that I had laid out earlier-- exactly where I remembered placing them, where I had searched, and where I had been looking throughout the course of bringing the painting into form! It seems that Gabrielle chose the color palette for this portrait!

Then the day came when the painting went to visit the Milano family. Kathy called me to say, "did you know that you are in this painting, too? Look to the left of Gabrielle." I looked on my computer. There, in the place softened by the impact with my leg, was a faint image of a person, paralleling the posture of Gabrielle, ascending along with the guidance of this great and loving angel. I don't think that it's me in the picture so much as it is the viewer-- for me, yes; it is me. But for whomever else is open to its energies, it is that person also. And so the full title, Archangel Gabrielle, My Soul Ascends, is acknowledged at last. This painting is charged with the energies of Divine Love, Christ Consciousness, The Holy Spirit, Ho'o'ponono/Forgiveness, Ascention, and the loving support of Archangel Gabrielle.  As with all of my sacred healing art, it is further charged with the energetic instruction to serve as a portal which channels whichever sacred energies most support those who are in its field, at any given moment.

Energized, signed, professional grade prints are available for this painting.

Custom sized can be ordered; email me to inquire.

*please note that only the smallest version of this print can be shipped with a mat. Other sizes can be shipped without a mat, and are available with mats at events.

For your convenience, paypal shopping is now available.

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