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Sunday, July 15, 2012 at 04:37PM
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I love you.  Three little words. What does it mean to hear these words, to read them on a card written out to you? Do you feel warm inside? Has your heart been activated? Has your vibration lifted? Let's change the language just a little: "Love you!" How about, "Love ya!" Is there a shift in your receipt of these words? It still feels nice, even happy, but does it warm you? Do you feel deeply loved? How much higher has your vibration soared?

I was challenged with this comparison as a coed when an assertiveness coach asked me if it was hard for me to say, "I love you." Was it? Not to my parents and siblings, grandparents, an occaisional boyfriend. But how about to others whom I truly did love, like my closest girlfriends, those with whom I bared my soul on a daily basis? What did I tell them as I hugged them goodbye at the end of the day? "Love you!"

I answered my coach that I thought the two terms meant the same thing, to which she replied, "Try it. Own your statements. Own your emotions." "Okay," I shrugged, confident of the ease in the slight adjustment of language.

Later that night, hangout time! And then, what did I say as I hugged my pals goodnight? "Love you!" Not because I'd spoken out of habit, but because suddenly, the ability to form that one simple vowel, "I", caused my heart to first freeze and then to pound wildly in panic, and then to scream a stop order at me to cease and desist this instant! Wow! What a shock! It was hard to take ownership of Love-- what would my friends think? Would I weird them out? Would I scare them away? Did I truly love them? Yes, I believe that I did. But did I trust them enough with my heart to tell them that so completely? No. I did not. I did not trust our culture-- whose mores reverberated a message of danger at the failure to keep one's heart under wraps-- it was not safe to truly claim, out loud and for another's ears to hear, the truth of my heart.

For a while, I played it safe with "Love You". But I was struck by the contrast-- the ease of saying, "Love You!" compared to the great difficulty, but also the tremendous truth, in actually saying, "I Love You." Eventually, the contrast became glaring, and I realized that as I was throwing "Love You's" around with ease, my heart was aching with my own betrayal, with the withholding of the extent of the the Love which I longed to share.

Then began my journey of spiritual exploration. This road that I have traveled with the Angels and with many great teachers, both physical and etheric, has repeatedly driven home a core lesson: We are here to Love. We are here to remember ourselves as Love, to Love ourselves, to Love one another, to Love the All. Withholding Love no longer works for me. I cannot hope to be a messenger, a radiator, of Love (as each of us is in our own way) and withhold from honestly claiming my truth by hiding from those three little words, "I Love You."

And so somewhere along this magnificent, mystical journey I began to be honest with people. If I love you, I tell you so. Would you like to know how people react? Mostly, with Love in return! Often, first with surprise, even shock that I have uttered this secret truth, then with joy and an honest burst of, "I Love You, too!" Sometimes, I have a feeling that a person will not be comfortable in receiving this truth; yet still, I must be honest. I can handle such discomfort-- the downward glances, the shuffling feet. Perhaps, at some other time, these recipients will sit with the message and allow themselves to receive the Love. And I have seen what happens when the truth of Love is acknowledged-- it grows. We know enough about energy to know that when we make changes in our own consciousness, in our own hearts, we change the collective. We raise ourselves steadily to the vibration of Love every time we acknowledge it-- first to ourselves, and then to one another. And when another joins in with us in the recognition of Love, the energy is amplified all the more-- the collective vibration is further attuned to Love's great thrum. I love you. Three simple words. One act of courage. Boundless rewards. Go for it!

P.S. I Love YOU!!!

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