A Hello From Heaven
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 09:40AM
Mary Note Law


The world doesn't need to shake to recognize that one is getting a Hello from Heaven. This past weekend I got a great pat of encouragement from my father-in-law, Bud, that's had me smiling ever since.

Truthfully, when the weekend began a part of me couldn't wait for it to be over. That's because I am just a page or two away from completing the first draft of my long-awaited book, Heaven on the Line. When I began the proposal writing process two years ago, I knew I had a few additional chapters to weave in; that's what happens when life continues and a book sits dormant. New content appears. But I saved for last the easiest chapter of all, the one that I'm most comfortable speaking about~ jotting out this chapter would be a breeze, a great way to bring quick and gratifying closure to a decade-long project. The topic? Angels and Archangels-- whom to call upon under what circumstances. A Divine Rolodex. In fact, in my mind the chapter's name is The Divine Rolodex, but when the typing began I realized that younger generations might not realize what a Rolodex is. So I renamed the chapter, A Heavenly Contact List. Far more current. But in my mind's eye, when I see this chapter, I see my father-in-law's precious Rolodex. In it is stored the name, address, and phone number of every person, organization, and service provider the world has ever seen. Well, at least my world. I cannot tell you how many times I've called my in-laws to ask for a number or address. My husband has 19 first cousins and they are all in there. Bud has gone Home to Heaven, but Ritie, my wonderful mother-in-law, keeps the Rolodex on the desk and I often peek in at it for a number or address when I am visiting. This is what I want to provide my readers when they are wondering about the Heavenly Realm; what better image than Bud's Rolodex. I was surprised, however, when the chapter became a struggle. It was cumbersome to write about every Angel and Archangel that I was familiar with. It could be a book unto itself. And there are already good books, entire books, written on this topic. Each day I paced about, stalling from writing, until finally, on Friday, I followed my own advise and asked about it in meditation. I was shown a streamlined list, an introduction, which the reader could pursue further if interested. Whew! I was back on track and ready to write. I just had to get through the weekend; Monday the house would grow quiet and I would be free to create a smaller, more concise Rolodex.

On Saturday, my husband got a text from our neighbor, Matt. We live on the same side of the same street as Matt and his family, have the same style and color house, and both live on a corner. Friends have often confused our homes, knocking on Matt's door or dropping things off for us at their home. So we weren't surprised when he texted to say that someone dropped off a Rolodex and a picture. Were they ours? "I don't think so," Jim texted back. "Well," replied Matt, "It's a picture of your father." Intruiged, we strolled down to see Matt and Eileen, who were sitting on their front step with a portrait of Bud, and his Rolodex! I knew the portrait well; a friend had rendered it in charcoal a few years ago. The Rolodex? The Rolodex!!! Amazing! How did they come to us? Who dropped them at Matt and Eileen's house? The portrait had hung in Bud and Rita's home, but I dont remember seeing it in their apartment once they moved to assisted living a few years back. 

When we got home, I looked through the Rolodex. No cousins, but tons of political names and service providers. This was Bud's work rolodex. Someone from his office must have dropped them off; the portrait must have been brought to his work for a memorial service, or hung in his office toward the end. 

Who had Bud inspired to deliver the Rolodex? I'm not sure but he had many friends who knew Jim and would likely take the trouble to drop these treasures off for us. But I am inspired by the timing, as I pace my house promising myself that this week I will finish The Divine Rolodex, that Bud's Rolodex should be hand delivered to me. What a blessing. What a validation from Dad. What a pat of encouragement! I am grateful.

And I am reminded that many of our Hellos from Heaven come through simple everyday events. Regular meditation, intention setting, and energetic preparation are extraordinary for helping us to reach out and make a connection. But we can also be open to the many ways in which our Loved Ones reach out to us, so that we can bask in their Love, in their hellos, in their pats on the back. May you feel the Love that is always with you, and find the little messages that are sprinkled throughout your own experiences. OK, folks, I'm off to write! Aloha!

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