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Update: Mary's Book

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I am honored to be a featured guest on the What Matters Most TV Show. See it on my media page or on YouTube.

Please enjoy this coversation with myself, Candy Danzis, and Pat Caffrey and the Council of Light as we share Angelic Wisdom with our audience and with host Eric Anzalone. Since this show was produced, both Candy and Pat have joined the Angelic Realm full time. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to build friendships with Pat and with Candy and her husband, Brian. I am grateful to this show which allows me to relive that day and to again witness the Brilliance that Candy and Pat brought through.
The Producers of What Matters Most are dedicated to spotlighting Lightbearers so that many can witness some of the infinite good available in the world. Thank you to everyone who participated in this wonderful event-- audience members, production team (including producers Maria Plass and Vann Weller), Candy and Pat, and hosts Glenda Smith and Hannalore Godwin (also a Full-Time Angel) of Circle of Miracles. Thank you to Lucinda Weller for suggesting me as a guest. It was a kick to be interviewed by Eric Anzalone of the pop group, The Village People. He is a hoot! To learn more about Experience Nirvana, production company of What Matters Most, click here. 


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Soul Sketches

A Soul Sketch is a piece of energy art which conveys an image and an energy which your soul would like to share with you. During the sketch process, I will sit with you and attune myself to your energy. When I feel anchored in the image and the energy which is being shared with me (which I call a "soul glimpse"), I begin to sketch on paper what I have perceived in meditation.

Our souls are vast, and can show themselves to us in many ways. When I do this process for myself, I perceive a different image and have a different energetic perception each time. I believe that the glimpse that I am shown in each sitting is of an aspect of my guest's energy which carries benefical energetic information at that time. As I render the sketch, I am calling forth the energies of the soul information to be infused into and then radiated by the art. As with all of my Sacred Healing Art, I am also charging the piece with the intent that it serve as an open portal for Divine Frequencies, so that is is continuously serving to stream those energies most beneficial to those in its field who are open to benefit by those frequencies. Most sketches, unless I am guided to do otherwise, are rendered with artists' colored pencils on card stock paper.

I love doing Soul Sketches for many reasons. It is a privelige and a joy to witness and to feel the beauty of each guest's soul. It is a joy to be able to share this image with you. It is a joy to be able to provide you with a custom piece of energy art, at a very affordable price. I am grateful to have been guided to this wonderful modality.

The image above is similar to a Soul Sketch-- it is a rendering of an image which was shown to me in meditation, in much the same way that a Soul image appears. This particular image was shown to me as the impact of one single molecule of Love which is sent out with intent. The title, The Radiance of Love, conveys the radiant nature of love, which expands and radiates beyond measure. To see a sampling of Soul Sketches, go to the Soul Sketch Gallery page.

Soul Sketches are now being offered in person and via Skype! Contact me to schedule an appointment. Fees are indicated below:

Type of Soul Sketch Purchase