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I am honored to be a featured guest on the What Matters Most TV Show. See it on my media page or on YouTube.

Please enjoy this coversation with myself, Candy Danzis, and Pat Caffrey and the Council of Light as we share Angelic Wisdom with our audience and with host Eric Anzalone. Since this show was produced, both Candy and Pat have joined the Angelic Realm full time. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to build friendships with Pat and with Candy and her husband, Brian. I am grateful to this show which allows me to relive that day and to again witness the Brilliance that Candy and Pat brought through.
The Producers of What Matters Most are dedicated to spotlighting Lightbearers so that many can witness some of the infinite good available in the world. Thank you to everyone who participated in this wonderful event-- audience members, production team (including producers Maria Plass and Vann Weller), Candy and Pat, and hosts Glenda Smith and Hannalore Godwin (also a Full-Time Angel) of Circle of Miracles. Thank you to Lucinda Weller for suggesting me as a guest. It was a kick to be interviewed by Eric Anzalone of the pop group, The Village People. He is a hoot! To learn more about Experience Nirvana, production company of What Matters Most, click here. 


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Italian Style Baked Macaroni And Cheese (BMC)

Talk about quick and easy! This meal takes 15-20 minutes to prep and, depending upon your broiler, around 15 minutes to broil. Let set 10-15 minutes before serving and you've got yourself an incredible main course for 4-6 adults, or a great side dish for several. The sauce is so delicious, I've often thought of eating it as a soup unto itself, but the craving for the full BMC always wins out over the desire to stop at the sauce. This recipe began with my Aunt Carol, who shared it with my Mom. Mom modified it a bit to suit her style, and from there I've added my own spin- we share the result here with you. You might like to add a spin of your own. I've always thought it might be nice to stir in some chopped spinach, but that's too radical a stray for my family! This meal broils up readily in a medium lasagne or casserole pan. 

Growing up, we always had this for lunch on Christmas Day. After all the gifts had been opened, ogled, and played with, Mom wanted to fortify us for the long day of visiting that still lay ahead. She wanted work that was fast and easy, so that she could get some much earned rest, yet still delicious and celebratory in honor of Christmas. BMC was the perfect choice. I eat this wonderful meal all year long (now with gluten free pasta and just as good-- really!), but no matter what else we serve on Christmas (who knew I'd marry a man who considered Christmas Dinner to be spoiled without Filet!), we always have BMC. Enjoy this heartwarming comfort food, any time that you choose. 

1 lb dry rigatoni pasta (it's important that the the pasta be dry and not fresh, so as not to get too soggy.)
1 46 oz can or bottle of tomato juice
1 tbs dried basil
2 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp garlic powder
2 large bay leaves
10 oz block of Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese (yellow or white), sliced thin. We like Cracker Barrel but they have downsized the block to 8 oz; also be careful to avoid the 2% milk variety of Cracker Barrel. 
Optional: Several dashes of Frank's Louisianna Hot Sauce or other Cayenne Pepper Sauce to taste. I do around 6-10 dashes.

Begin heating your broiler.
Boil pasta water in large stockpot.
In a medium saucepan, begin cooking the tomato juice. Add all of the spices and Hot Sauce. Helpful hint: Put dry herbs into the palm of one hand and with the other hand on top, grind into a finer powder. This releases more flavor.
Bring to a boil and then reduce to simmer. Watch carefully until boiling as once it boils it rapidly overboils. If you use an electric stove like I do, you may have to move it to a new burner and start again on a low setting.
While sauce and water boil, slice the cheese. 

Once your water is boiling, add pasta. Cook for 1/2 the recommended cooking time and drain but do not rinse.

Immediately after draining, pour 1/2 the pasta into lasagne/casserole pan. Cover with 1/2 of the cheese. It will begin melting right onto the pasta and no one could blame you if you sampled a hot noodle with melted cheese on top right there. Crunchy, but yummy. Layer remaining pasta. Pour all of the sauce over the entire casserole, being sure that all noodles are covered. Now layer the remaining cheese on top of everything.

Broil 15 minutes or until cheese is bubbly, golden, and brown around the edges.

Remove from oven. Let stand 10-15 minutes to set. 

To serve: Using a large serving spoon, break through the crust and all around circumference of portion area. Gently lower the spoon below to the bottom and lift portion up. Carefully transfer to a bowl. Eats best in a bowl with a spoon. The molten cheese gets super hot so leave adequate cooling time. Test Carefully.

Mangia, and enjoy!


Mom's Keeping Thanksgiving Going Turkey Soup

This soup was always my favorite part of our Thanksgiving Feast, and it was always prepared the day after Thanksgiving, which kept the holiday going through the entire weekend. That is, it was served on the years that my Mom won the battle for the turkey carcasses with my Uncle Joe; each year there was a secret contest between the two over the coveted carcasses. For Uncle Joe, they were a great treat for his dogs (today I don't know of many people who would give turkey to their dogs as it can cause intestinal distress, but Uncle Joe's dogs didn't seem to mind.) For Mom, they were the basis of the stock for her traditional turkey soup. Those years when Uncle Joe beat Mom to the prize, our secondary feast was delayed until someone got out to the store to buy some turkey wings and drumsticks. These replaced, and on years when the prize was split, supplemented the carcass. For typical families with only a single turkey carcass, the addition of a supplemental wing and drumstick is the perfect solution, and is the recipe that I provide here. If you want to go with just the carcass, you can still make a great soup, just reduce the volume of everything by about 1/2. Happy Thanksgiving, and Bon Apetite!


1 Turkey Carcass; remove remaining meat and reserve (refrigerated) for later

1 uncooked turkey wing and drumstick

1 lb. carrots, peeled and cut to your preferred size

1 bunch celery, cut to preferred size

4 cups cubed boiling potatoes

2-3 large onions, diced

3 cups fresh curly or Italian parsley, minced

3-4 large bayleaves

1/2 tsp ground, dried thyme

1 tsp ground, dried sage

salt and pepper to taste:

optional: cooked rice, quinoa, or egg noodles



Put carcass, wing and drumstick in a large stock pot. Add water until turkey is just covered. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 2 hours. Throughout this time refresh water levels when necessary-- probably about once per 1/2 hour.

Remove pot from heat.

Remove all turkey solids from broth.

Salvage all meat that you can from the wing and drumstick; reserve & refrigerate.

Add 4 cups cold water to broth, followed by 4 trays of ice.

With broth cooled, the fat should have risen to the surface. Skim surface fat (a yellowy oil) and discard. 

Add dried seasonings and vegetables to broth and return to a boil.

Reserve parsley till later.

Reduce to simmer; cook vegetables until carrots and potatoes are soft, 30-60 minutes depending upon size.

Add minced parsley and turkey meat. Simmer 5 more minutes.

Serve over rice, quinoa, or egg noodles if you'd like, or enjoy as is.

Eat, enjoy, and eat some more! Happy Holidays to you!



Heavenly Strawberry-Peach Shortbread Pie

Heavenly Strawberry Peach Shortbread Pie

This is the season that my family and I have eagerly awaited all year-- that peak time when peaches are at their sweetest, juiciest state of ripeness. On Saturday, we headed out to our local farm market and bought a basket of the most delicious peaches I have ever tasted. On Sunday, in celebration of both the peaches and our son’s fly-by visit, I made the best pie I have ever tasted in my entire life! Naturally, I want to share the joy, so I am sharing my recipe with you.

Fair warning: This is a sugary, buttery, white flourey indulgence and if you are looking for a health-food pie I suggest that you either look elsewhere or modify this recipe accordingly. If you are willing to allow yourself a gastronomically ecstatic experience and waive your nutritional restrictions momentarily, following this recipe should yield you an experience of sweet, tart, juicy, beautifully textured Heaven. The choice is yours. Whatever you decide, the primary ingredient in any recipe is Love: Sprinkle Liberally!

Preheat oven to 350; use center rack

Strawberry-Peach Filling

8 ripe, juicy, delicious medium sized peaches or 6 large, peeled, cut into slices, and the slices halved.

1 pint ripe strawberries, washed, dried, and quartered 

1 Tbs fresh squeezed lemon juice

1/2 cup sugar

2 Tbs flour

2 Tbs butter, in small cubes

In a large bowl combine the peaches and strawberries. Stir lemon juice throughout. Stir in the sugar. Next stir in butter pieces. Finally, stir in flour. Let sit as you prepare the crust; the sugar will help draw out the juices of the peaches and strawberries. 

Shortbread Style Pie Crust (Double Crust)

2 cups unbleached, organic all-purpose flour

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 tsp salt

2/3 cups cold, salted butter, diced

ice water-- you will use 6-7 Tbs of the water

Stir together the dry ingredients (let’s call this the flour mix). Add butter, and blend into flour mix with a pastry blender until the texture is like very small peas or large crumbs. Push all of the flour/butter mix to back of the bowl and then bring a small amount forward. Add one tablespoon ice water. Blend in with pastry blender, bringing in more mix until you have a doughy consistency. Now bring forward another bit of mix; blend in water. Continue to do this until you’ve got all of the dough made, blending the entire batch together to a workable consistencey. 

Now you will need to roll the dough into a ball and divide it in half. 

To roll out the dough, begin with a buttered surface such as a countertop. Yep, butter your countertop. Now dust it liberally with flour. Do the same to your rolling pin-- butter it and dust it with flour.

Press out a ball of dough and roll it out until you’ve got a circle big enough to fill your pie pan all the way up the sides and hanging slightly over (about 12” diameter).  Lift carefully, using your forearms to support it. Lay the dough in your pie pan and crimp the edges slightly.

Cover the edges only of the crust with tin foil shields. Crimp it tight so that the edges will remain uncooked.

Place the pie tin on a baking sheet which is wider than the pie’s circumference. You will have lots of juices running out. Bake the bottom crust at 350 for 8 minutes. If the bottom bubbles up, tap it down when you take it out, using a towel over your hand. 

While lower crust is baking, roll out the upper crust, also around 12” circumference.

Remove bottom crust (with baking pan) from the oven. Remove the foil wrapping from the edges. While crust is still hot, pour in the filling. Carefully lift top crust onto the pie and crimp together upper and lower crusts all along the edge.  Cut little vent holes in the top of the pie to allow steam to escape during baking. 

Again wrap the edges in foil.  Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.(Keep that baking pan underneath.) 

Remove the foil from the edges. Bake at 350 for 30 more minutes.

Let cool before cutting and serving.

Let me know how you liked it!


Sprinkled With Love

Welcome to my musings and recipes pertaining to my favorite foods! I grew up hanging onto my Mom's leg as she cooked in the kitchen. Mom was passionate about her cooking-- it had to please our palates and provide us with great nutrition. Her Love for both her family and the creative challenge in coming up with delicious, healthy food was a major component in her creations. In all that she did, she added the most essential energy of all to her food-- Love. These days, I understand how energy is absorbed during a creative process and, in the case of food, absorbed by the diner as well. I appreciate even more the Love that my mother bestowed through her amazing craft. It used to be just flavors and textures which I recognized as delicious; now I know that it was so much more than that.

In these entries, I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite recipes and the stories behind them. Mom was very firm in her conviction that each meal had to have a very high nutritional, low junk quotient. I'm a little more lax, but for both of us, the key ingredient is the same: Love. For my first entry, Heavenly Strawberry-Peach Shortbread Pie, I stray quite far from Mom's parameters. They won't all be so decadent, really. Mangia, Bellas, and enjoy! Love, Mary